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small hands big art opened in 2009 to provide fine art enrichment programs for children & young adults up to age 14, through age and developmentally appropriate classes, parties, camps and workshops.  Mixed media activities include painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, sculpture & more!  We also offer pottery hand-building sculpting classes at the studio and during the summer we offer pottery camps that teach the pottery wheel and hand-building.

The bright and open studio provides a lively space that is safe, engaging, organized and welcoming. Here children can feel free and uninhibited to explore their creativity without worrying about making a mess - and parents don't have to scrub markers off the walls or paint out of the carpet!

Pre-school children are introduced to a supportive social environment in which to gradually explore their independence with a parent or caretaker, building social and coordination skills, self-awareness and self-confidence. Older children are guided through the creative process through encouragement of original and creative self-expression.


To promote each child's unique expression and discovery of the joy of art, we believe it is important to provide them with artistic freedom and latitude to make their own creative choices and work at their own pace, while downplaying the aesthetic value of the finished product.   Regardless of the project, materials or medium we are working with, children are given suggested topics and techniques to stimulate their imagination and help them to visualize their ideas.  They are not always given prescribed step-by-step procedures, directions, or examples to copy, which can inhibit self-expression and lead to a frustrating urge for perfection in the child.    

We strive to stimulate their thoughts, feelings, and perception in a way that inspires and encourages each child to express their ideas visually, while offering individualized guidance during the creative process as needed.


In addition to teaching classes in our main Ballantyne studio, we also provide art enrichment programs offsite at local schools and for homeschool groups.  Please contact the studio for information, pricing and schedule availability ~ (704) 246-8271.