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Charlotte Magazine “Best of the Best” Award 2013


Last month a photographer from Charlotte Magazine called to see if they could stop by for a few minutes to take some photos for an upcoming article in the May issue, vaguely described as something having to do with activities for kids in Charlotte.   Never ones to pass up a photo op, we quickly gave parents a heads up and proceeded to go about our papier-mache-carrot pencil-making-business that day.

The photographer spent a solid hour perched on chairs and crouched in corners shooting hundreds of images for this vague article in which we may or may not even be mentioned.  Joking with him that it must be a slow news day, I secretly wondered if his editors had a clue how he really spent his time while they probably assumed he was out hustling on the beat.

A few weeks later we received a big fancy red envelope with a copy of the May issue.  We excitedly flipped through it hoping to recognize some of our kids in a little thumbnail, and were flabbergasted to see a full page image of our entire class, next to a box announcing that we won a “Best of the Best” (BOB) Award for “Best Kids Class”.   Seriously!

All the credit goes to our super-imaginative, inspiring, and energetic team of people (past and present, Hannah we miss you!!!) that roll in here every morning, sometimes slightly over-caffeinated, ready to get their aprons dirty and have fun!  We’re so proud to have such an amazing team of individuals who work so tirelessly to inspire our students to embrace their inner creativity and find joy in the wonderful world of art!


Celebrating at the BOB Award party with Katie & Brittany! 

We truly love what we do and try our best to ensure that every child who comes to the studio to create with us has a positive and fun learning experience.  We are so humbled and honored to be recognized for our efforts, and are so grateful for all the parents who encourage and support their children’s creativity by letting them spend so much time with us!


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