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We are so excited to announce our new venture for Adults & Teens… Modern Craft Collective!

Small Hands Big Art opened its doors in 2009 to the delight of paintbrush weilding kids from toddlers to ‘tweens.  We’ve always squeezed in adult events over the years but mostly by request, and seems we are constantly asked lately for teen and adult art + craft + maker workshops that cover trendy projects + fine art materials, in the fun atmosphere that we’re known for!

Modern Craft Collective was formed to provide unique creative learning experiences to teens & adults, on a vast array of topics – from DIY crafts & home decor to fine art techniques, facilitated by artists and makers in our community, at convenient and fun venues around town.  Think cool projects that you’ve wanted to try, but not without a creative guru on hand to inspire, guide, and clean up.  And maybe a friend or two to catch up with while you create!

Fun topics range from fabric printing to hand-built ceramic pour-over coffee mugs to watercolor techniques to vintage junk sculptures to hand carved beer flight paddles. The short of it: spend a night making something that doesn’t result in more clutter in your car trunk or a bad hangover from the cheap wine. We host workshop and events at your venue of choice [home, office, brewery, coffee shop] – or from the Ballantyne based Small Hands Big Art studio.

Life is short, let it be a creative one.   Please check out our sister site, Modern Craft Collective, today!


Modern Craft Collective

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