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Me or Miss Hannah? // Art Studio Games

We make up a lot of games around here – mostly for our own entertainment & sanity.  If the kids like them too, well then even better!  One of our favorites is called “Me or Miss Hannah”, and it goes something like this:

Q:  Who do you think is older, me or Miss Hannah?  { we’re always surprised how many votes Hannah gets in this category.  Well, she is surprised anyway…}

Q:  Who’s prettier, me or Miss Hannah?  …batting eyelashes…. { awkward silence }

Q:  Who do you think is funnier, me or Miss Hannah?  { ear piercing screams for Miss Hannah }

You get the picture.

For some reason the kids LOVE this game!  It flies in the face of everything they are taught about not playing favorites, so when they realize that is the sole purpose of the game, they go nuts.  Miss Hannah usually wins by a landslide, but I’m always amused that I have one or two steadfast supporters who stick by my side through thick and thin.  I like those kids. I hope they always root for the underdog in life!  They usually get a few extra goldfish at snack time.  I try not to think about what we’re teaching them.

…and in the category of “who’s a better sport”, clearly that would be Miss Hannah, because she not only let me take these pictures of her, she let me decoupage them onto a box and leave it sitting on the desk since June.  You won’t see any pictures of me decoupaged on any boxes around here!