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Our fun & enriching half day programs educate, inspire & entertain your creative young artists! Variety is the spice of life so all of our camps offer a wide range of project topics and supplies that will spark their creativity & expose them to a stimulating mix of age-appropriate art techniques each day.

Summer camps give us time to dive into lengthier projects like papier mache, batik painting, assemblage sculpture or clay. For our die-hard campers who return year after year (or week after week), we catalog all projects students complete & make every effort to avoid repeating projects!

Location & Age Options

We offer weekly Mixed Media Camps at two locations:  Our main studio in South Charlotte/Ballantyne (morning & afternoon sessions); in Dilworth at the Covenant Rec Center (mornings only 9am-12pm).  

Our weekly Pottery Camps are offered in the afternoons from 2-5pm at the Weddington Activity Center.  

All camps are drop off for mixed Ages 4-14 except those specifically for older students / teens Ages 12-15 (see info boxes below more information about age groups, dates, times, & locations).

Imagine combining your wildly imaginative children with impressive art supplies, phenomenal art teachers, oodles of fun & a dash (or 8) of glitter. All you need to worry about is deciding where you're going to display your new art collection!

We strive to create a welcoming environment that fosters your child's creativity and individuality, where new friendships blossom and kids get time to collaborate with other camp-mates as well. Each day, we plan a well-paced line up of projects, involving a wide variety of materials, subjects, and art principles. We might start the day with a watercolor painting project, and then finish a papier mache project from the day before.  Throughout the week, students could have the chance to explore decoupage, painting, drawing, chalk pastel, oil pastel, sculpture, papier mache, collage, printmaking or batik making!  As necessary, students are split into age groups to work on age and developmentally appropriate projects.

A short break half way through each day allows for a healthy snack & giggle break. Your budding super stars are washed up and ready to go right at pick-up. Be prepared, as they will have (slightly drippy) projects in hand that they are beaming to tell you about!

All camps are DROP OFF for a mixed age group from 4-14, except where noted that certain weeks or am/pm sessions are specifically for teens ages 12-15.  In 2016, sessions for Teens are at the main Ballantyne studio:  June 27-July 1, 1-4pm; July 18-22, 9am-12pm; and Aug. 8-12, am or pm sessions.

Our mixed age group format works very well given the low student:teacher ratio.  Artists are split into groups to work on age-appropriate projects.  Students might all work with the same materials (for example chalk pastels) but the project and/or techniques are modified for age as necessary to ensure that students are appropriate challenged.  Students Age 12-15 who prefer more challenging, complex projects in a group of peers that are only their same age are encouraged to register for weeks specifically for Teens.

South Charlotte / Ballantyne Location:

Main Ballantyne Studio:  Weekly M-F, 9am-12pm or 1-4pm.  Starting the week of June 12, 2017, ending the week of August 21, 2017.  No camp the week of July 4.  All weeks are Mixed Ages 4-14, except sessions for only Teens Ages 12-15:  June 26 - 30, 1-4pm; July 17 - 21, 9am-12pm; and Aug. 7 - 11, 1-4pm.

8025 Ardrey Kell Rd. #103, Charlotte 

Dilworth / Myers Park Locations:

Covenant Rec Center (Dilworth):  MORNING ONLY:  Weekly M-F, 9am-12pm. Starting the week of June 26, 2017, ending the week of August 14, 2017.  No camp the weeks of July 4 and August 7.  All weeks are Mixed Ages 4-10.

1000 E. Morehead St., Charlotte


10% sibling discount deducted from total for additional children from the same family. 

10% additional camp discount if you sign up your child for multiple weeks. 

$25 off friend discountAll summer, if your child registers the same day as a friend, each camper receives $25 off (enter code BFF at checkout).  

Discounts cannot be combined. Please call to discuss which discount is most advantageous for your situation.


Pottery camp is a great opportunity for older children to explore the mess, the joy, and the challenges of working with clay. No picking pre-made pottery off a shelf to paint here! Each artist experiences the entire process of sculpting, beginning with wet clay and ending with kiln fired ceramic pieces! They will absorb fun factoids about kiln temperatures, the history of pottery making and practice rolling coils, building slabs, pressing textures, & throwing on the wheel. It's very exciting to see these kids transform a blob of wet mud into a hand thrown bowl they can actually use!

A short snack break half way through each camp day allows your artist to socialize with new friends & recharge. 

Parents, prepare yourself for ceramic awesome-ness! At pick up, you may wonder if we took your kids on a mud run through the woods and then hosed them off, but we just consider that a successful day in the clay studio! Finished & fired pieces are ready for pick up the following week.

Our Pottery Camps are geared towards students ages 6 - 14.  Students must be mature enough for the challenges associated with working with clay, and physically large and strong enough to work with the pottery wheel (reaching the foot pedal, centering the clay, working with tools while the wheel is moving, etc.).  While we can easily work with students older than 14 to make sure they are appropriately challenged and enjoying themselves, that is not the case for younger students who are too small or lacking in strength and/or patience for the pottery wheel.

Weddington Activity Center: Weekly M-F, 2-5pm.  Starting the week of June 19, 2017, ending the week of August 14, 2016.  No camp the week of July 4th.

13601 Providence Rd., Weddington.  


10% sibling discount deducted from total for additional children from the same family. 

10% additional camp discount if you sign up your child for multiple weeks. 

$25 off friend discount - All summer, if your child registers the same day as a friend, each camper receives $25 off (enter code BFF at checkout).  

Discounts cannot be combined. Please call to discuss which discount is most advantageous for your situation.


Each day we send you home with an excited & proud paint-smudged artist & a frame-worthy pile of loot!  They might look like they just did the Color Run 5k but on the bright side - no sunburns or skinned knees!


Mixed Media camps are three hours a day in the mornings (9am-12pm) or afternoons (1-4pm). Drop off, ages 4-14.  Pottery starts at age 6 and is 2-5pm.  Sign up with a friend, make new ones, or both!


Students create original & unique fine art projects (a mix of open-ended and guided lessons).  We have been known to take on some pretty ambitious projects, so clear some wall and shelf space!


Send a light NUT-FREE snack in the original package so we can verify the ingredients. Fresh fruits & veggies (especially pickles) make great art camp snacks!


Each child feels encouraged and challenged as we strive to maintain a ratio of 1:8.  We always have at least two teachers in classes and camps, regardless of how small the group is. 


Artists are separated into age appropriate groups.  Students might all be working with chalk pastels at the same time but the project and/or techniques are modified for age.



A non-refundable $100 deposit, per child, per session, is required to register. The full balance (less your deposit) is due on the first day of camp. If you need to cancel and have already paid for the session, your payment (less the non-refundable deposit) will be refunded if we are notified in writing one week prior to the start of camp (

If you’d like to change the camp dates & times, please submit a change request via email at least one week prior to the start of camp to, and we will be happy to accommodate your request, space permitting.