Do what you love.

Love what you do.

What's Owning a Studio Like?

It's hard work. It's crazy fun.
It's unbelievably rewarding.

And we sometimes accidentally wear our aprons home.

If you could peek in the window on a typical day, you’d see – and hear – that we’re a bright, bustling children’s art studio where there is a lot of laughter and silliness and creative hustling going on! You’d see the paint flying and glitter falling and energetic, bright-eyed, joyful little people with glue-y little fingers, learning about patience and counting to ten and trying to show Gravity who’s boss. You’d hear lots of stories and questions and talk about color. You’d see some serious heads down focusing on improving skills and techniques and working through frustrations. You’d see experiments happening – painting, collaging, printmaking and mess-making. You’d see friendships being formed. You’d see a team of talented teachers with paint encrusted aprons and chalk pastel smudged faces.

But it’s what you can’t see peeking in the window that is perhaps what makes us most proud! You can’t see a child’s inner confidence growing, their connections to the world around them expanding, the light of creative self-discovery in their imaginations getting brighter. You can’t hear the dreams calling out to their hearts getting louder. You can’t see the freedom they find when they walk through the door, or the joy that fills their souls when they leave.

Yes we make art here. We make beautiful things and, sometimes, not-so-beautiful things. Teaching art to children is a little like gardening; we’re getting dirty, planting seeds & pulling weeds. We sweep up, turn off the lights & show up the next day excited to see what has grown.

What makes us unique?

Each Child is Our #1 Priority

We think there is a lot about us that is different, but we believe its our focus on each child and their individual experience while they are here that has been at the core of our success and word of mouth referrals.  We believe that if every child who spends time in the studio has a fabulous experience and leaves feeling enriched and happy with their creations, we’ve done our job! We continuously push our own creative boundaries as teachers and artists, constantly striving to dream up new and different projects that will “wow” our students and parents! We want kids to learn while creating.  We don’t do crafts that are better suited for the kitchen table, or mass-produce cookie cutter projects that are blowing up on Pinterest. We like being different and unique and that has always served us well!

Owning a Small Hands Big Art Studio

Small Hands Big Art has ten years of experience running a successful, brick-and-mortar children’s art studio that has grown steadily and organically. Our second, independently owned & operated location opened in Fort Mill, SC in late 2018.  Our third location in the greater Charlotte area will open in 2020.

We’re extremely proud of our reputation in the community and of the solid business model that we’ve built.  We have years of experience “cloning” ourselves to deliver our special brand of art to offsite locations in Charlotte, leveraging our core teaching staff and the same curriculum and best practices from our main studio.  This has enabled us to refine and hone our back end systems, and the consistency and scalability of our business model.

We’re excited to share our successful model with energetic creative entrepreneurs like you!  Read about the Fort Mill studio!

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