Mixed Media Weekly Classes

Age Appropriate Fine Art Classes

For children ages Toddlers to Teens!

Escort Your Artist

Ages 18m - 3 Yrs. Old

Remember that time you tried that amazing craft project from Pinterest with the cotton balls and food coloring that stained your kitchen table and your toddler's hands for four days? Let's not do that again, okay?

Our "Escort Your Artist" playgroup is the perfect opportunity for your child to experiment with colors, shapes & enticing sensory materials. You or another adult sidekick (nanny, grandparent, etc.) will engage, inspire and challenge your little Picasso alongside our teaching staff, as they move freely throughout the studio working at their own pace at a number of creative art stations & prompts.

Mixed Media


Ages 3 - 5 Yrs. Old

This class is a blast for your newly independent artist as they experience a drop-off creative class. Each week is a different art medium, allowing your child to explore new materials and tools, turn their shapes into recognizable pictures, learn foundational art techniques and have some messy fun, all while easing them into a classroom dynamic.

If you were a fly on the wall during this class you might possibly see us using our paintbrushes as microphones, wearing embroidery hoops as crowns, and playing musical "colors" as we trade oil pastel hues!


Age 5 - 9 Yrs. Old

This class blends fine art techniques with your child's own creative expression. We strive to expose students to aspects of art history, current art makers, and the elements of art (line, space, color, balance, etc.), while letting them run a little wild with their own imagination.

We hear lots of kids this age saying "But I don't know howwwww!!!!!!”. We enjoy creating a space for your child to slow down, be in the moment, and be comfortable trying something new. This class is a great social experience and opportunity to share, brainstorm as a class, and bicker over who gets the yellow paint first.


Middle School

Age 9 - 12 Yrs. Olds

These 'tweens are excited and ready for more complex techniques & materials and we have the joy of challenging them as they grown in the creative process. They are encouraged to trust their instincts, value their individuality, and think critically about their art choices.

Continuing with mixed media art projects, we embark on more advanced techniques in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and sculpture. The dynamic in this class is much more of a collaborative art studio - with students sharing ideas and teaching artists demonstrating techniques for each individual artist to apply.


12 - 15 Yr. Olds

This 90 minute class provides mature students with a focused, in-depth opportunity to explore foundational art techniques; both those rooted in fine art traditions as well as contemporary concepts & trends.

In this process-oriented class, more emphasis is placed on learning representational and observational drawing, painting, sculpting & printmaking skills. Working with a variety of mediums, students practice techniques that expand their understanding of composition, proportion, scale, perspective, color theory, light & form.

We value everyone’s unique style & form of expression and strive to balance the “serious” with the “fun” as we help students learn ways to work through challenges, frustrations, & self-criticism and discover new joy in their personal creative development.

Mixed Media