Taryn NicklesInstructor
    Taryn has loved art her whole life, drawing alongside her picture books as a child, doodling cartoons on her homework assignments, and eventually earning her bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. Taryn joined the corporate world, married, and started a family, but continued to dabble in art, moonlighting as a portrait artist.
    In early 2017, she enrolled her twin toddlers in Small Hands Big Art’s Escort Your Artist class.  She (and her boys) absolutely loved it and Taryn thought, “It would be so fun to work here!”  Now Taryn gets to enjoy all the fun, creativity, and glitter on the other side of the apron.
    When she’s not in the studio, Taryn enjoys watercolor painting and exploring the outdoors with her husband, sons, and dog.
    Hannah Anabtawi, Small Hands Big Art South Charlotte Studio Manager