Amanda ValentineStudio Assistant

    Amanda first found her way into the studio in 2012 as a student. Her hustle and knack for being two steps ahead of us naturally led to a Studio Assistant position. Her happy, fun loving spirit landed her a tactical position on our Elite Special Forces team of Birthday Party hosts, and Saturdays have never been the same since!

    Amanda’s spark in creativity began as a little girl when she became infatuated with the world of fashion and started to create sketches of her own. She finds herself at home in Small Hands Big Art’s eclectic studio space and loves to get to know the students (special talents include summer camp snack time games and laughing at her own jokes).

    Amanda can be found on the lacrosse field practicing her leadership skills and teamwork. She also spends her time making trips to Goodwill and thrifting her finds into new garments. Amanda is a freshman at NC State, studying Fashion and Textile Management.  When she’s in Charlotte on school breaks, she’s hustling in the studio and can always be seen rocking a pair of shades.

    Val Chan