Val ChanTeaching Artist

    Artist and crafter, Val Chan, is happiest when she has a brush, pen, hook, needle or pliers in hand. Though her degrees were in mathematics and statistics, her interests have always been in the arts.

    Val and her family moved to Charlotte in 2015. Once she got her family settled, she set a personal goal to grow into the best artist she could be. That has translated into doing something creative every day, connecting with the art community and sharing what she’s learned with interested parties.

    In her search for local creatives, Val met Jen and Katie. She’s a big fan of the SHBA aesthetic and vision and is absolutely delighted to be a part of the team.

    When Val is not teaching art, Val has a studio at C3Lab, and can be found on instagram @valz_corner.  She was recently featured on the PBS Carolina Impact television show – watch below!

    Yesenia Hernandez