Can my child do all of the projects and activities without my guidance?

Yes!  That’s the whole idea!   We want kids to be excited to open the magazine, and plop down on their bean bag chair with their tablet to read it slowly, cover to cover! It would be fun if [...]

Does Small Hands Big Art help me find a studio location?

You’re going to have to do the legwork and market research to select the perfect studio site for your market, but we will be very involved in the process, consulting with you every step along the [...]

Does Small Hands Big Art help with funding?

No but we can refer you to third party funding companies for the best financing and capital solutions for your needs to help fund your Small Hands Big Art franchise.

How long does the process take to open a Small Hands Big Art studio?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the timeline between signing the Franchise Agreement and opening day! Finding the ideal studio location could take some time, so starting the [...]

What type of training & support does Small Hands Big Art provide?

Through our proven track record, we’ve built a sustainable business that has grown almost entirely by referrals and word of mouth. We believe that should be the goal of every Small Hands Big Art [...]

What qualifies me to own and operate a Small Hands Big Art studio?

  That’s a big question that we delve into here. We’ll also spend a lot of time getting to know each other (over the phone, online meetings, and in person site visits) before deciding it’s a [...]


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT:  Enroll in Summer Camp by March 1 and save $25 off each camp / per child  – no limit!  After the Early Bird Discount ends, we offer a 10% sibling discount automatically [...]


$245/week for half day, $425 / week for Full Day Combo Pottery + Mixed Media (9am-4pm)


We offer both Half Day and Full Day Pottery + Mixed Media options. HALF DAY Pottery is weekly M-F, 9am-12pm or 1-4pm starting the week of June 15 through August 24th, 9am-4pm. *2020 SUMMER CAMP [...]

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