As the founder of Small Hands Big Art, Jennifer learned at an early age the transformational power that art and creative thinking can have. After a “first” career in the financial world, she traded in the “corporate ladder” for one that was thrifted, slathered in paint, decorated with DIY tassels, and surrounded by smiling children eager to learn how to wield a paintbrush.

    She dreamed, schemed, planned, and invented a world where the colors are bright, and the little artists are growing, learning, and laughing. Jennifer has nurtured this sweet studio, cultivated the brand and methodology behind how we create, and inspired young artists in the Charlotte community since 2009. She is the brains behind this operation: keeping the creativity and paper towel supply flowing! Jen knows the best secrets of where to purchase art supplies, is extremely talented at inventing the fastest way to cut circles, and oh! she’s a pretty great art teacher too!

    After over 14 years at the helm of the studio, Jennifer focuses a lot of her time inviting other creative dreamers into our whimsical world so that our special variety of artsy goodness is available to all little makers. Jennifer partners with our studio owners to empower their creative and operational success and is here to guide and support them every step of their own creative journey.  If you’d like to connect with her to learn about opening a Small Hands Big Art studio in your area, click here

    When not in “Small Hands Big Art” mode, Jen and her husband Scott can be found mastering a new DIY project at their cabin, taking their sweet dog on a walk, and enjoying the great outdoors in the mountains of Western NC! 

    Small Hands Big Art Instructors