Weekly Pottery Classes

Pottery Sculpting classes are a great opportunity for older children to explore the mess, the joy, and the challenges of working with clay. No picking pre-made pottery off a shelf to paint here! Each artist experiences the entire process of sculpting, beginning with wet clay and ending with kiln fired ceramic pieces!

They will absorb fun factoids about kiln temperatures, the history of pottery making and practice rolling coils, building slabs, & creating textures & unique surface patterns.

Parents, prepare yourself for ceramic awesome-ness! At pick up, you may wonder if we took your kids on a mud run through the woods and then hosed them off, but we just consider that a successful day in the clay studio! Finished & fired pieces are ready for pick up the week after the class session ends (to allow us time to kiln fire their final creations).

Classes are intimate and focused, so students get ample assistance with process & techniques.

$160 Tuition covers all materials, including clay, tools, glazes, and firing.

COST: $160* for 6 week session
WHEN & WHERE: Classes take place at our main studio, 8025 Ardrey Kell Rd., Suite 103, Charlotte, NC 28277

Early Fall 2019:  Sept. 2 – Oct. 12

Late Fall 2019:  Oct. 14 – Nov. 23 (no class Nov. 25 – 29)

Early Winter 2019/20:  Dec. 2 – Jan. 25 (no class Dec. 23 – Jan. 3)

Late Winter 2020:  Jan. 27 – March 7

Early Spring 2020:  March 9 – April 25 (no class April 13-17)

Late Spring 2020:  April 27 – June 6