Karen HopkinsInstructor

    After flying the friendly skies as a flight attendant for 18 years, Karen jokingly says her “new life is a mess.” In 2006, Karen retired her wings and flew feet first into the wonderful world of art. Painting has always been her passion ~ she loves painting images of the beautiful skies that she saw while flying.

    Karen started her own traveling art business called The Clay Cart in 2011. She joined the small hands big art team in 2012 teaching fun & whimsical children’s pottery camps. Karen loves to help children discover the limitless world of possibilities in hand built and wheel thrown pottery. Always striving to develop as an artist by taking advanced level art classes, Karen believes there’s nothing better than having a job that you truly love, and teaching art allows her to do just that!

    Karen lives in Marvin, NC with her husband Rob, and lovable dog, Romeo.

    Katie Breaux, Small Hands Big Art