Madelyn BoltzStudio Assistant

    Madelyn was one of Small Hands Big Art’s first students back when we opened in 2009.  We’ve literally watched her grow up before our eyes, and we’re still a little in shock that she is now of legal working age!

    We have loved this girl at every age, but have to say that we particularly enjoy “High-School-Look-I-Just-Got-My-Drivers-License-Madelyn”  -and when she breezes into the studio she brings with her a unique, quirky, sense of humor, and a bottomless pit of creative observations on life and the world around her.  And sometimes she brings her ukulele!  Kids from all walks of life gravitate towards Madelyn’s playful spirit, and we are re-living our high school youth vicariously through her. 

    Her iPhone and Instagram tutorials are kinda cool too!