Paper Fringe Wall Hangings

This Textured Paper Fringe Wall Hanging project was inspired by our friends at Raw Art Workshop in Australia. One of our favorite kindred spirits to follow on Instagram is Raw Art Workshop in [...]

Meet our Teaching Artist Val Chan

Our local PBS station recently showcased our fabulously talented teacher, Val Chan!

Jellyfish Weaving Project for Kids

This jellyfish weaving project was the perfect unexpected and unplanned experience for our 9-12 yr. old class! We’ve wanted to do a radial weaving project with this older group ever since [...]

Madelyn Boltz

Madelyn was one of Small Hands Big Art’s first students back when we opened in 2009.  We’ve literally watched her grow up before our eyes, and we’re still a little in shock that [...]

Yesenia Hernandez

Yesenia is a bright light and bundle of energy on our rockstar weekend team!  She generally just loves working with kids, and during the week, she teaches Spanish at Union Day School.   She will [...]

Val Chan

Artist and crafter, Val Chan, is happiest when she has a brush, pen, hook, needle or pliers in hand. Though her degrees were in mathematics and statistics, her interests have always been in the [...]

Contour Flower Still Life

Our tween / teen class created these amazing contour flowers using india ink and acrylic.   We wanted students to practice working on a very large scale, to create a contour drawing using [...]

We’re Excited about Summer Camps!

We’re already excited about Summer!  Here’s why!