Charlotte Gaston

Charlotte grew up taking classes at the studio with Miss Jennifer and Miss Katie, and many years later, is now a Studio Assistant in the space that helped her creativity blossom! Charlotte will [...]

Taylor Casey

Taylor Casey earned her Bachelors of Art from Winthrop University with a major in art and minor in graphic design. Her interest in pottery began around 2011 and she has been up to her elbows in [...]

It’s a Small World Cardboard Collage

The revised edition of The Artful Parent Jean Van’t Hul’s book, “The Artful Parent – Simple Ways to Fill Your Family’s Life with Art and Creativity” is out, and it’s a GEM!  It’s a complete [...]

Upcycle Beehives

This 3D cardboard beehive art project was so fun to make and incorporated several great art lessons in one! We started by giving kids huge pieces of cardboard and a few dollops of yellow, orange [...]

Saturday Drop In Events this Summer

Four Saturdays this summer are jam-packed with fun family events + one-off classes!

Paper Fringe Wall Hangings

This Textured Paper Fringe Wall Hanging project was inspired by our friends at Raw Art Workshop in Australia. One of our favorite kindred spirits to follow on Instagram is Raw Art Workshop in [...]

Meet our Teaching Artist Val Chan

Our local PBS station recently showcased our fabulously talented teacher, Val Chan!

Jellyfish Weaving Project for Kids

This jellyfish weaving project was the perfect unexpected and unplanned experience for our 9-12 yr. old class! We’ve wanted to do a radial weaving project with this older group ever since [...]