Collagraph Printmaking with Kids Using Wooden Blocks

This collagraph printmaking project had all the makings of a the perfect art experience!  Big heavy blocks, movement, color theory, texture, & pattern!   Not to mention the end result was [...]

Kinetic Sculptures

These giant kinetic sculptures appear to shift and move from every angle!

Toddler Sensory Foil Wall

Our toddlers enjoyed this sensory play experience in class last week!

Toddler Sensory Flower Wall

Our toddlers had fun painting this 3D "Fluttery Flower Wall" this morning!

Melanie Mikecz Inspired Happy Hippos

Inspired by the colorful artwork of Melanie Mikecz!

Upcycled Dolls // Pre-school Art Project

These quirky upcycled dolls were crafted from large plastic bottle pour spouts in our 3-5 year old classes last week!

Starry Night Sticky Mosaic Wall

For our Fall Festival this year we took this sticky mosaic wall to a whole new level inspired by "Starry Night"...

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough Recipe

There are tons of recipes for homemade play dough, but this is the best we've found! It's soft, easy to work with, and not sticky or crumbly! This recipe makes about three to four large [...]

Mixin’ it up // Color Mixing Lesson for Pre-schoolers

We have a delightful little group of 3-5 year old artists in our classes this Fall - some of whom are new to exploring with art materials and some who, even at their short stature, try to teach [...]

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