Toddler Sensory Foil Wall

Our toddlers enjoyed this sensory play experience in class last week!

Toddler Sensory Flower Wall

Our toddlers had fun painting this 3D "Fluttery Flower Wall" this morning!

Starry Night Sticky Mosaic Wall

For our Fall Festival this year we took this sticky mosaic wall to a whole new level inspired by "Starry Night"...

Oobleck Sensory Play // Toddler Sensory Art

Cornstarch + water = crazy gooey, crumbly oobleck-y fun! Part art, part science, oobleck is both a liquid and a solid, oozing between your fingers or crumbling like a saltine cracker!

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough Recipe

There are tons of recipes for homemade play dough, but this is the best we've found! It's soft, easy to work with, and not sticky or crumbly! This recipe makes about three to four large [...]

Giant Marble Painting // Preschool Art Project

Here's a super fun, active, & collaborative art project for toddler & preschool age kids: giant marble painting! It's a great way for kids to improve their fine and gross motor skills as well [...]

Shake, Rattle & Roll // Toddler Art Project

This super fun and interactive art project for toddlers and pre-schoolers uses empty oatmeal containers! It's very sensory (loud!!!) - and is great for helping little ones develop their fine [...]

Giant Toddler Sticky Wall // Sensory Toddler Art

For our toddlers this week, we set up a giant "Sticky Face" wall using ordinary household contact paper and a smorgasbord of colorful do-dads that they could stick on the face. Endless [...]

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