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Spirit animals give us strength, hope, love and comfort – they are all around us of we are open to seeing them! This spirit animal pottery sculpture project was such a fun project in our pottery camp last week!  Kids really embraced the idea and ran with it!

We introduced students to the ceramic spirit guide sculptures of Florida artist Denise Ferragamo and talked about the meaning of spirit animals – or spirit guides – and had a great discussion about what everyone thought their spirit animal was.  We were amazed at how different everyone’s ideas were!

We had horses and frogs and wolves and hares… to name just a few!

The construction for the body was a basic slab cylinder about the size of a toilet paper tube, with a pinch pot head.   We talked about quilts and their texture and stitching, and how to create a layered look to appear as if the animals were cloaked in bulky layers of soft blankets.  We focused on creating a look of draped material wrapped around their shoulders, fastened at the collar.

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