Spirit Animal Pottery Sculpture Project for Kids

Spirit animals give us strength, hope, love and comfort – they are all around us of we are open to seeing them!

Quotes in Clay – Adult Charlotte Pottery Workshop

Ceramic quotation plaques, or Quotes in Clay as we affectionately call them, leave a lasting impression! On a recent warm Monday evening (pre-Covid and before we opened our beautiful new South [...]

Clay Circus Themed Pottery Camp

Ladies & Gentlemen! Step right up!

Ceramic Gingerbread Houses // Holiday Workshop

Teens & adults enjoyed sculpting these ceramic gingerbread houses at our ceramic holiday workshop last week!

Elya Yalonetski Inspired Ceramic Bandicoots

These lovely sculptures were inspired by the amazing ceramic artist Elya Yalonetski.

Summer, Thus Far… // Summer Recap

Summer around here is CUH-RAAAA-ZY! We're sweaty & glittery and our feet hurt, but we LOVE this time of year because we get to spend so much time with with kids in our weekly camps, seeing them [...]