2021 Year of the Ox – Ceramic Ox

2021 is Year of the Ox (Chinese New Year).  By the way, 2020 was the year of the rat, in case you were wondering.  And boy did it turn out to be an ugly rat of a year, didn’t it?! The Ox [...]

Contour Flower Still Life

Our tween / teen class created these amazing contour flowers using india ink and acrylic.   We wanted students to practice working on a very large scale, to create a contour drawing using [...]

Surreal Collage Art Project for Teens

We are always teeming for new topics, art movements, techniques, and mediums for our teen art tribe to experience. Over the past two weeks, these crazy creative students (ages 12-15) tackled the [...]

Altered Photographs

In this day and age of Photoshop and digital photo alteration, we were inspired to explore the lost art of altering photographs by hand!

Painted Fabric Wall Tapestries

Dip Dye Wall Tapestries in our Tween + Teen Camp

Botanical Collages

Botanical collages inspired by artist Julie Hamilton.

Southwestern Cacti

A colorful cacti painting project inspired by the muted desert colors of the Southwest!

Watercolor Cacti + Succulents

This watercolor cacti + succulent painting project was inspired by the iridescent colors, interesting shapes, and varied textures of these beautiful plants!

Vintage Camera Illustrations

Contour Drawing Technique

Dip-Dye Tapestries

inspired by Chelsy of the Dreamy Gypsy

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