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For Charlotte + Fort Mill Enrolled Students

Hi everyone!  We sent out the following communication to parents of all enrolled Early Spring students earlier this week regarding the Coronavirus situation and having to temporarily close our studios.    Since then, we’re happy to report that our South Charlotte and Fort Mill studios have distributed simple but fun craft kits to our currently enrolled students in the Early Spring session as a token of our appreciation for their continued support!  In the coming days we plan to assess the situation, along with feedback from parents to determine the best approach for us to be of service to you and our community during this time.

Please check back regarding future Online Class options and resources that we will be making available to students!  Please feel free to call either the South Charlotte studio (704-246-8271) or Fort Mill studio (803-396-0125) with questions or suggestions!  Stay safe & we’ll see you in the studio hopefully soon!


Hello Parents!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying positive during this challenging time!   As you may have assumed, the studio will be CLOSED during the next two weeks, or however long it takes until the coast is clear.   We shared the below announcement yesterday.  We’ll keep you all posted regarding a date for resuming classes.  Depending on where that falls on the calendar, we will be offering extra days and times as make-up classes over an extended period of time (including weekends) in an effort to be as flexible as possible to enable everyone to make up their missed classes.
We’d love to hear from you and how we can be of service or help to you and your kids during this time!  We’re considering curating some fun Mixed Media art kits with supplies + project suggestions that you can pick up.  These could either be for a nominal purchase or you could use your missed class studio credits to purchase.   It would take some effort to assemble and coordinate pick up, so to help us gauge interest, please reply to this email to let us know if that would appeal to you (or to let us know if you have any other ideas/suggestions for how we can help)!
Now more than ever, we are so truly grateful for our students and families.  We hope you all enjoy this gift of time together as a family!  We’ll be sharing a lot of project suggestions / ideas on Instagram and Facebook in the coming days/weeks, so please follow us!   Tag us and share art your kids are making at home – we’d love to see!   And we have over T E N year’s worth of art projects / tutorials that’s we’ve shared on our blog over the years – check them out, maybe you’ll recognize some of your kids’ masterpieces 🙂
Stay safe, healthy & happy!   We’ll keep everyone posted!
~Jennifer, Katie & SHBA team
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Yesterday, we felt defeated.  Today, we feel renewed energy & optimism, with a clear focus, purpose and resolve.   We will be CLOSED for at least the next two weeks, and however long it takes to kick this little coronavirus in the gonads and get this world back on it’s axis.  We are ALL IN.  We feel strongly that we need to take FAST and EXTREME action.  We plan to have ZERO regrets. 
If there was a game show where contestants had to turn a pile of rotting garbage into something beautiful, I believe our team at Small Hands Big Art could win it hands down.  We have been staring at this heaping pile of garbage for the last few days, sleeves rolled up, ready to go at it!  We’ve picked up smelly pieces and parts of it (with tongs) and examined them from painfully up-close angles, waiting for that “spark”… that “A-ha!” moment.   We were stumped.  Immobilized by a massive creative block, we stepped away and watched three entire seasons of (nameless) Netflix reality shows in 72 straight hours.  We ate an entire chocolate pie.  We waited.  And waited.  It was overwhelming – I mean, the PILE is just SO. FREAKING. HUGE!   But then it just hit us.  How does one accomplish ANYTHING overwhelming?  To quote one of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott: “…bird by bird, buddy. Bird by bird.”  So we don’t know how this masterpiece is going to turn out but we’re going to take it one dripping, rotting, stinking piece at a time.  The hot glue guns are plugged in.  And we will make this GOOD!
We will miss our beloved kids and families but look forward to seeing everyone in the studio again soon when we can high five each other and make art TOGETHER! 
 T O G E T H E R.  
We’ll be sending a communication to parents of currently enrolled students by tomorrow morning at the latest with information about make-up classes, etc.  Our creative wheels are always turning, and we’ll be here sharing and contributing and doing our best to be of service and support in the weeks ahead.   With overwhelming gratitude, love & a giant VIRTUAL HUG!  ~ XO
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