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Students created these mixed media stacked birds on oblong cardboard with tempera, chalk pastel & collage papers.  No drawing first, just painted the background colors, wiped dry with paper towels, and then painted the bird shapes on top.  They added collage papers for the wings, eyes, feathers, beaks, etc. and then at the end added chalk pastel on top of the tempera paint.  Beautiful results – love this technique!  We also did another version of these in a different class where the birds were standing side-by-side on a telephone wire, vs. hitch-hiking a ride on their friend’s back.  Both were super cute!

Enjoy these whimsical Mixed Media Stacked Birds!

Mixed Media Stacked Birds |

Mixed Media Stacked Birds |

Mixed Media Stacked Birds |

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  • Jackie Gregory

    Beautiful work by your students. Kids are so refreshing with their imagination.

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  • […] every 10-15 minutes you are changing mediums. This project was inspired by a stacked bird art at Small Hands Big Art  which we did with our 5Y+ students and they came out great. […]

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