Mixed Media Stacked Birds

Created with tempera, chalk pastel & collage papers.

3D Mixed Media Owls

To say we were giddy when kids were creating these 3D mixed medial owls would be an understatement!

Animal Mash-Ups // Oil Pastel Art Project

"Animal Mash-Ups" combine features of two different animals to create an entirely new one!

Teapot-ingo + Other Rare Birds // Arnold Lobel

What do you get when a six year old combines a totally random object with an animal? Creatures like these that are WAY too fun!

Wood Sculptures Inspiration

It's amazing what kids can create with a little glue & some wood scraps.

Tween + Teen Art Class Highlights

See these fabulous masterpieces created in our older 9-14yr. old classes in recent weeks!

Oobleck Sensory Play // Toddler Sensory Art

Cornstarch + water = crazy gooey, crumbly oobleck-y fun! Part art, part science, oobleck is both a liquid and a solid, oozing between your fingers or crumbling like a saltine cracker!

Fall Leaf Batik Tutorial

These stunning cotton batiks are fun for kids of all ages to create!

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