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We are so grateful.

You plan and you plan.  Then you wait.  9:50. 9:55. 10:00…. Will anyone come?

Before we knew it our beautiful shiny new studio was full. Full of NEW friends.

You filled our studio with smiles, laughter, and JOY.  The skies outside were gray, but inside there were rainbows of color everywhere. When the last new friend left the studio on December 8- we all immediately hugged each other and laughed. We did it!!!

We had so much fun creating with you and your families at our Grand opening. But this is just the beginning! We can’t wait to see you in our classes, workshops, and parties.

This will be a Happy Place for your kids- filled with color, laughter, and creativity.

See you soon!

Jen + the Fort Mill Crew

Photos:  Erika Holifield Photography

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