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We’re already excited about Summer!  Here’s why!

Basically, our year goes something like this:  summer summer summer SUMMER fall wint… summer summer summer SUMMER…

Literally the split second that Winter Break wraps up, we’ve already got our summer planned and ready for our eager Early Birds in January!  We’re buttoning up our summer camp plans and starting to plan our projects, supplies and staffing!

This year is no different!  Here we are in the midst of winter, but we’re already dreaming of long summer days in the studio, kids rolling in with bed heads and milk mustaches, laughter and silliness and fun, and piles of the most amazing artwork you’ve ever seen!

Summer Camps are when we get to spend an entire week (3 hours a day!) with kids!  We get to know them well – their favorite colors, what challenges them, what they love, what makes them tick, & what makes them laugh!

Summer is when we get to see a lot of our friends who only are able to come to camp – they have busy little lives that prevent them from coming to an after school class during the year.  It’s always a fun shock when they walk in the door an entire foot taller, or with a few less teeth, and seemingly all grown up compared to last summer!  We share fun memories from previous summers, and they find comfort in being back in such a familiar, creative environment!

Our half day camps are a fun mix of boys & girls and ages (5 to 14)!   If we end up with two distinct younger and older age groups, we try to group them by age so that we can modify a project either to make it more complex or simplified as needed.  It’s a tried and true format that has always worked really well for us and enables siblings, cousins for BFFs with a few years between them to attend the same camp and all enjoy creating at their own pace and level!

Summer is also a time of forging new friendships!  We take a short snack break about half way through the three hours, and play fun, interactive, off-the-wall crazy creative games.  It’s fun to watch friendships developing and kids running up to their moms at pick up asking to exchange phone numbers for play dates!

This fun video from last summer is like literally being a fly on the wall for an afternoon of camp!  And enjoy some of these fave memories from last summer!  We hope to see your crew in the studio this year!

Early Bird pricing ends March 1!  Grab your spots now!  

Cardboard Fish Mosaic // Small Hands Big Art
Gondola Sky Cars // Small Hands Big Art
Painted Garland // Small Hands Big Art
Flea Market Cart // Small Hands Big Art
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