We’re Excited about Summer Camps!

We’re already excited about Summer!  Here’s why!

Barbara Kobylinska Inspired Sculptures

One of our favorite projects from summer camp!! Upcycled water bottle bird sculptures inspired by artist Barbara Kobylinksa.

Summer, Thus Far… // Summer Recap

Summer around here is CUH-RAAAA-ZY! We're sweaty & glittery and our feet hurt, but we LOVE this time of year because we get to spend so much time with with kids in our weekly camps, seeing them [...]

Wooden Sculpture Gardens // 3D Art Project

Last week in art camp, the students created these other-worldly sculpture gardens using small pieces of wooden dowels, oil pastel & liquid watercolor. The end result was amazing!

What Up My Peeps! // Easter Peeps Tutorial

Wouldn't it be fun to have a downy little pet peep perched on your wrist all day, cheering you on during soccer practice and helping you with your homework? These cuddly little springtime [...]

A New Kind of Smiley // Emoji Craft

Statistics show that the daily number of web searches for emoticons is increasing at a staggering rate, causing us to wonder how kids are able to express themselves during the fifteen or twenty [...]

Enchanted Fairy House Tutorial

If the thought of tackling all of your spring home improvement projects is a little too daunting, try scaling down and working in miniature! Recapture the magic of childhood by handcrafting an [...]

Please Don’t Pick the Flowers // Recycled Flowers

Get a jump on your spring flower garden this year with this classic and colorful craft! These funky flowers have a cool retro look, and don't require a green thumb to make! Crafted from [...]

Gimme Some Love // Love Bug Craft

Bug your Valentine in a good way this year! Nothing says “I think I sorta might possibly like you” quite like an irresistible cuddly little bug, made from the heart with gobs of glue & glitter!

Be My Valenswine // Valentine Craft for Kids

Love in the 21st century calls for a healthy dose of unconventional creativity! This Valentine's Day, when everyone else in the class is mindlessly passing out paper heart doilies and candy [...]

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