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Our annual Fall Festival is literally always our most favorite day of the year!  This is our tenth anniversary, but somehow this is the 11th Fall Festival (not sure how that works out, stuff like that confuses me…).

I remember that first year in 2009, it wasn’t even our idea to have a Fall Festival – it was at the suggestion a student’s mom.  Her husband generously packed his pickup truck with pumpkins and delivered them to the studio!  Ms. Brittany and I thought we needed to print a bunch of examples of painted pumpkins for the kids to refer to.  Ha!  fyi – kids don’t need ANY suggestions for how to paint a pumpkin!  I now know that all children are born with the innate ability to draw birds, fish, and paint pumpkins.

This year was extra special and a little sentimental.  For super exciting reasons we can’t reveal just yet…  We have some families who we literally only see on this ONE day of the year; we are eternally grateful for their unwavering support all these years!  I hope you know who you are.  And some people actually email me to tell me that they can’t come this year, and how sorry they are to miss it!  Some of those kids who are moody teens now surely must balk at the idea of coming, but I love that their moms & dads still pile them in the car anyway!  And once they get here, I hope something in the part of their brain that associates places with feelings, makes them a little joyful.   They slowly let their grumpiness melt away, and dig in to see what they can make out of this or that pile of  do-dads, & realize that they still love this place.  And I hope that they leave a little more light-hearted, knowing that this place still loves them too.


… Until next year!

Sticky Monster Wall… feeeeed me!

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