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POTTERY CAMPS now in the Fountains!

This is HUGE for us!! We are so excited to be able to have our Pottery Summer Camp within about 27 steps of our Mixed Media camps at our main studio at the Fountains Shopping Center!

And SOOOO convenient for parents!

For the last eight summers, our Pottery Camps have been at a facility a short drive from here. We’ve outgrown that facility and have been on the hunt for a better and more convenient option!  And we finally found it, right under our noses!

Our friends at Steps N Motion took over a space in our shopping center that was formerly occupied by Funkytown, and have generously allowed us to use it for pottery!  It’s literally right through the breezeway from our main studio!  It’s big and spacious and we can’t wait to get in there and make some cool pottery!

This opens up so many convenient options for parents!  Both our Pottery and Mixed Media camps run from either 9am-12pm or 1-4pm.

And now we can offer a FULL DAY “Combo” Camp – half day of Pottery and half day of Mixed Media!  It’s like two completely different camps all in one spot!  And lunch time childcare is included (you provide the lunch, we provide the fun).

In addition to the full day option, there are now so many options for siblings with different interests or schedules.  For example, you can drop one child off for Mixed Media camp and the other for Pottery.   It also means our teaching team can be really be a “team”!  We can all traipse back & forth between Pottery & Mixed Media, helping & supporting each other!  (Secret code for:  delivering iced lattes and sharing funny stories of camp happenings!)

Read our Camp Descriptions  (and be sure to watch our camp videos!) and check out our Camp Schedule to see available weeks and enroll online!

If you’re curious how close our Pottery Camp location is to our main studio (as in, number of steps) – watch this fun little video!

Summer Pottery Camp

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