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Searching for that perfect spring paper collage project for kids? Soon it will be spring, that joyful time of rebirth and renewal < insert sound of birds chirping >.

For some.

Sadly, for beloved woodland animals like foxes, raccoons & hedgehogs, springtime means they will soon be abruptly cast to the wayside in favor of fuzzy little farm animals like bunnies, chicks, & piglets. Join us in protesting the gross injustice inflicted on these poor woodland creatures who, for nine long months out of the year, are forced to live in exile in their own forest, seeking asylum with such ordinary, common rodents like porcupines, moles, prairie dogs & marmots!

Make these simple upcycled raccoon and fox pendants and proudly wear them throughout the spring and summer months as a symbol of your support for our furry forest friends! This is such a simple project, we’re confident you’ll want to dream up a design for every creature in the forest! Post a comment below and share with us!

Incidentally, owls have become ambassadors for this worthy cause, gaining them worldwide popularity and acclaim. So, while they don’t personally need as much support right now as our other forgotten woodland friends, if you enjoy this project, check out our Baby Barn Owl pendants!

You Need:

  • Recycled cereal box or similar weight cardboard
  • Buttons and beads
  • Yarn or twine
  • Small hole punch
  • White school glue
  • Patterned paper or colorful papers from a magazine or catalog
  • Optional: craft circle punch

How to Do It:

  • Trace a circle approximately 3 – 5″ on a piece of recycled cardboard and cut it out. As an option you can use a 3″ craft punch. In our example we used a 3″ scalloped circle punch. After you cut the circle, using the small hole puncher, make a hole in the top to string the twine to make a necklace.
  • For the raccoon’s mask, cut a small oval shape out of black paper (see below).
  • Cut a small long triangle for the raccoon’s nose, and two small triangles for ears.
  • Tie the two ends of twine together and feed it through the hole in the cardboard, looping the other end through the twine and pulling it tight to form a pendant knot.

Paper Collage Project for Kids

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