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We admit that we have a love/hate relationship with papier mache.  It’s so bad.  But so good.  It starts out so easy. But then we have to wad up paper.

We’re kind of baffled as to why kids today don’t really know how to wad up paper.  They just stare at us confused, even after we show them several times as we grasp for more descriptive verbs – scrunch it, squish it, squeeze it.  Ok, grab it!  Go!  ~ Nothing.  Followed by a few attempts at gently folding.  We’d like to think it has to do with the popularity of recycling and how rarely one has a compelling reason to take a perfectly decent piece of paper and just wad it up for seemingly no good reason.

We used a water bottle filled with plaster to form the fox’s body to hold the head.

And aluminum foil to sculpt the shape.

~ A lot of wire & duct tape to attach the tail.

We’ve suppressed the memory of this part.

A gravity-defying pile of foxes in the window.

Speaking of gravity, not sure how this one is even standing upright, his nose is so long!

A lot of little orange people just got up and ran to the sink.

Can you hear me?  Can you hear me now?

An arctic fox.   So clever, these kids!

“Roxy the foxy”

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    Oh my goodness, these are the cutest thing ever! Great project!!

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