Papier Mache Wiener Dogs

Papier Mache Wiener Dogs for the Win!   We’re in Charlotte, NC but I’m not from the South so I don’t think I’ve ever said “ya’ll” and actually meant [...]

Papier Mache Balloon Sculptures

Our 9-14 yr old campers made these stunning papier mache balloon sculptures!

Papier Mache BoxTrolls // Art Summer Camp

Students in summer art camp created these unique boxtrolls inspired by the upcoming 3D stop-motion movie, "The Boxtrolls."

Barbara Kobylinska Inspired Sculptures

One of our favorite projects from summer camp!! Upcycled water bottle bird sculptures inspired by artist Barbara Kobylinksa.

Trick Out My Reindeer // Holiday Reindeer Workshop

This easy DIY red-nosed reindeer spreads holiday cheer with his festive tricked out antlers wherever he goes! We hope he inspires you to spread as little cheer as well!

Kookie Creatures // Selwyn Sherrill Inspired Dolls

With this creative project, kids dream up a kookie creature, write a biography about it, design it on paper, construct it out of papier mache, and build a little home for it!

Mr. Fox’s Wild Ride // Papier Mache Foxes

We admit that we have a love/hate relationship with papier mache. It's so bad. But so good. It starts out so easy. But then we have to wad up paper.

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