Sandpaper Color Pencil Owls

Vibrant colored pencils on black sandpaper!

Black & White Chalk

We were so proud of these young artists in our Teen Camp last week!

Tooling Foil Silberzweig Portraits

We have loved these Sandra Silberzweig portraits so much and last week we came up with an idea to try them on tooling foil!  Students colored them with Sharpies, and then we mounted them on black [...]

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // Highlights

We’ve been buried in watercolor paper, paints, and left-over wire pieces around our art studio this week in our Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC. Kids have been having a blast staying cool [...]

Kaleidoscope Mandala Collagraphs // Art Summer Camp Projects

These Kaleidoscope Mandala Collagraphs will blow your mind! Created by our teens and tweens during art summer camp – their talent never ceases to amaze us! Inspired by beautiful radial [...]