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We’ve been buried in watercolor paper, paints, and left-over wire pieces around our art studio this week in our Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC. Kids have been having a blast staying cool during the summer heat making beautiful and fun art. We’ve been so in love with some of these projects and wanted to share their incredible work with you!

Here are some highlights from our Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC.

Keep an eye out for some individual blog posts about some of these fabulous projects! Enjoy!

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // bug jars |

Botanical Bug Jars

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // mixed media |

Mixed Media // cardboard on wrapped canvas with chalk pastel + thread

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // tapestries |

Canvas tapestries // tape resist with acrylic paint

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // Tooling Foil Butterfly |

Tooling foil symmetrical insects

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // wood sculpture |

Wood sculptures

Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // collagraph |


Drawing |

White on black drawing with chalk

feather mobile |

Feather mobile // transparencies, colored pencil on sandpaper, tooling foil

Woodblock houses |

Wood block village

papier mache hen |

Papier Mache Hens

Tooling Foil Butterfly |

Tooling Foil Symmetrical Butterfly

papier mache hen |

Papier Mache Hens

found object sculpture |

Upcycle Found Object Sculpture


Wood Sculpture
decoupage |

Decoupage on Wood

Brian Rea Inspired Painting |

Brian Rea Inspired Lesson


Decoupage on wood

papier mache hen |

Papier mache hen

feather mobile |

Feather mobile

Sandra Silberzweig Tooling Foil Illustration |

Sandra Silberzweig inspired portraits on tooling foil

Upcycle Sculpture |

Upcycled Found Object Sculpture

Upcycle Sculpture |

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  • Greet

    Very nice work indeed!
    Are these the coloured printings?or Are these the collages of foam you coloured?

    • Admin

      Thank you Greet! These images are of the collagraph printing plates that they applied chalk pastel to after printing them with black ink. They created the plates but cutting small pieces of thin foam – most places at least 2 layers. They used a glue stick but to ensure the plates didn’t fall apart during the printing process, we gave them a thick coat of Mod Podge to seal them. The next day they inked and printed them (no photos) – and then we thought the printing plates looked so cool we came up with the idea for them to color them with chalk.

  • alysa!

    Hey! I love these! Can you send me some pics of the actual prints??! Thank you!

  • alysa!

    Oh no! I just re read your blurb and realize you didnt get any print pictures. Well, If I do this project with my middle school art students I will send you some. 🙂

  • Cindy

    What kind of ink did you use to print with?

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