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Sunday, March 9th would have been Isabella Santos‘ 9th birthday.  To celebrate her life and inspire others by her love of art, we held a fundraiser in the studio where kids created colorful canvas paintings inspired by the little girl in the Isabella Santos Foundation logo.  Kids showed up with big imaginations and a lot of inspiration, thanks to Isabella.  All paintings were donated to ISF for use at future events ~ gifts that will keep on giving!  Thanks to everyone’s generosity and support, through our Firstgiving page we were able to raise almost $2500 for ISF and neuroblastoma research!

In the studio we have a high table with tall stools ~the coveted “big kid” table, usually reserved for kids 9 & up. That afternoon, I noticed that most of the discussion about Isabella was taking place at that table.  It struck me that those were the kids who knew & remembered her best & made me so aware that Isabella is still barely seven in my mind.   It was bittersweet to think that she would have been old enough for the big kid table now.

She should be in our older classes now for 9-14 yr. olds, sitting at the big kid table.



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