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Our local PBS station recently showcased our fabulously talented teacher, Val Chan!

We are so excited to share this spotlight from our local PBS station about our fabulously talented teacher, Val Chan!

Our paths crossed randomly a few years ago and Val’s passion for living a creative life was so infectious, we just knew we wanted to be friends & hang out! We recently had the crazy idea to give her her a personalized Small Hands Big Art apron and secretly tell all the kids to start calling her Miss Val, & set more specific hours for her to stop by to “hang out”! (without her dog, sorry Barkus). We’re not sure she’s noticed that she’s actually WORKING here now…shhhh!! clever, huh??!! hahah – kidding!!! We feel so lucky to have whatever small part of her bustling busy creative life she can share with us! She is a natural teacher and the kids are soaking up everything she has to share!

She truly inspires us, and Val is living proof that you can be whatever you want to be in life, and you don’t need a formal art education to share your talents & creative joy with the world!

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