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Saturdays are jam-packed with fun family events + one-off classes & camps!

As much as we love our weekly classes, a lot of kids simply aren’t able to get here during the week.  We miss those kids!

We normally have birthday parties all day on Saturdays, but did you know we carve out some Saturdays to jam-pack the day with fun family events and one-off classes & camps?!  These fill up fast, so check our South Charlotte Studio Events page & enroll online to secure your spots!


Our “Escort Your Artist” playgroups are the perfect opportunity for your child to experiment with colors, shapes & enticing sensory materials.  You or another adult sidekick (nanny, grandparent, etc.) will engage, inspire and challenge your little Picasso alongside our teaching staff, as they move freely throughout the studio working at their own pace at a number of creative art stations & prompts.  This special DROP IN playgroup is for mixed ages 18m-6 yrs. $15/child, 10% sibling discount.


These special Saturday DROP OFF classes will explore a different art medium – so sign up for all of them if you’d like!  Your child(ren) will explore enticing art materials and tools, experience the magic of turning their shapes into recognizable images, and learn foundational art techniques! All while enjoying some messy fun, in an engaging classroom dynamic.  Drop Off, Ages 3-6 (must be potty trained and independent in the restroom). $20/child, 10% sibling discount.


Join us for these special themed Holiday Family Crafternoons (Father’s Day… check… Valentines Day… check check…) You get the idea!  These make for a super fun family outing!  We’ll have lots of fun and inspiring art materials and prompts (adaptable to a wide range of ages) to get those creative juices flowing!  $25 / child, 10% sibling Discount. An adult caregiver required to accompany children. Not recommended for kids under 4.


Drop in to enjoy some artsy indoor family fun! It’s a priceless family bonding experience as you collaborate, make creative choices together, cooperate, laugh + have fun!  We’ll have a smorgasbord of stimulating art materials + creative prompts set up to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Our staff is happy to offer suggestions, or just stay out of your way and refill your paint & wash your brushes!  Assist & collaborate with your child(ren), or do your own crafting (in which case, enroll + pay for yourself as a participant). Not recommended for kids under 4.  $25 per “crafter” / 10% sibling discount. Drop in during the 1.5 hr window or stay for the entire duration.

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