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~Early October in Paris, exactly three years ago this week.  Mid-70’s, beautiful fall colors.  Long shadows and filtered sunlight.  Afternoons warm enough for ice cream from the vendors in the Jardin des Tuileries, and evenings cool enough for cozy scarves and boots.   Remnants of summer hanging in the air.   Strolling, basking.  Slow pink sunsets.  Golden leaves from the linden trees along the Seine sparkling like diamonds fluttering in the sunshine, falling and crunching under our feet on the gravel path.  Catching up with a dear old friend.  Sending my niece a tutu and ballet flats from Repetto, to remind her of our trip in the spring a few years earlier.

Paris in March is wet, cold, & windy.  But magical.  Paris in October is nothing short of heaven.

A Room with a View.

My last trip was only a few short weeks after the stock market crash in 2008, right before three-fourths of my 401(k) went missing, never to be seen nor heard from since.  It’s hard to imagine ever being that spontaneous or indulgent again anytime soon, but we can dream, right?  Check out the beautiful images of Paris on one of my favorite blogs, Little Brown Pen.

And I secretly confess to watching this video about four thousand times.

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