Fall Fever // Fall Festival 2011 Recap

After such a long hot summer, finally being able to throw on your coziest polar fleece is cause for joyous celebration in my book!

Sticky Spider Web

Spider webs are sticky and so is this quick and easy Halloween-inspired craft for toddlers!

To Whom I am Speaking? // Decoupage Telephone

The kids in the studio do not believe us when we tell them this is a real telephone! I regale them with nostalgic stories about how in the old days, before computers or video games, you could [...]

je t’aime paris, part deux

Paris in the Fall. Exactly three years ago this week. Mid-70's, beautiful fall colors. Long shadows and filtered sunlight. Strolling and basking. Afternoons warm enough for ice cream from the [...]

Junk-O-Lantern // Pumpkin Painting

“Junk-o-Lanterns”, or “Stuff-on-a-Pumpkin” as we affectionately like to refer to this craft, is one of the few projects where the name, in and of itself, tells you pretty much everything you need [...]

Tin Can Bot // Recycle Robot Craft

Part art, part science, & part saving the environment, this project has something for everyone! With a little imagination, a soup can, and a pile of do-dads, you can create a creature with [...]