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Goodbye Winter….hel-lo Spring!  How can one little hour of extra daylight make such a difference?

So I sprang (sprung?) forward last weekend and stumbled onto our blog page and I’m sitting here rubbing my eyes in disbelief that the last interesting thing we had to say was in December?!?  I think the term “blog” implies some sort of frequent – or at least regular – communication. We might have to find another name for it…

There’s been a ton of fun stuff going on lately, just not much time to sit down and write about it!   Or sit down.  To be honest, we’ve let ourselves get a little stressed out in recent weeks trying to keep up with planning our classes, parties and summer camps, along with all of the spring school festivals and events coming up at the studio.   I’ve been trying to remind myself that art isn’t supposed to be stressful, so today, instead of going online to stock up on watercolor paper – something I’ve been trying to find time to do for two weeks now – I decided to take a minute and jot down a few things that have made us smile lately:

  • If you twist a little pom-pom onto the end of a pipe cleaner and stick it into a blob of clay, you can get a bright-eyed two year old to lean in and smell the flower.  If you’re lucky, you can catch them smelling it again later when they think no one is watching.
  • One of our favorite little pre-schoolers, stumbling in and confidently announcing, “I’m HEEE – EERE!” in his endearing high-pitched squeaky voice. I hope he approaches everything in life with that attitude!  We also love how he says “hanzitizer,” and randomly named his flamingo “Kevin” last week.
  • How one of our six year olds enthusiastically runs over and throws her tiny bird-like arms around our aprons when she gets to class. And laughs hysterically on command.  That never gets old!
  • One girl’s recent conflicted confession that she really loves her parents, but she might love tacos more.

One Easter when I was little, I woke up in the middle of the night and was startled to see the Easter Bunny at the foot of my bed!  I sought refuge in my parent’s bathroom, where I spent the longest night of my life shaking in fear until the sun came up.   When he finally headed out to terrorize some other kid in the neighborhood, I saw his spooky eyes peering in through the frosty glass of the bathroom window, foreboding ominous things if I woke my parents up and told on him. The next day my parents hoisted me up to the fence in the backyard so I could tell Mr. & Mrs. Klinger all about my traumatic encounter.   I remember a lot of laughing on their part, and a general frustration on mine at having to repeat certain parts over and over again.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and we’re pretty sure there is one little three year old that is still being asked to repeat her elaborate tale about the mischievous little green “donkey kong” that snuck in and messed up her room!   Her remarkable story of escape – and her hand gestures in particular – made us smile!

you make me happy

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