Gray Malin Inspired Birdseye View Beach Art Project

Any fans of Gray Malin’s beach birds eye view photography out there? 👋👋 These chalk pastel overhead beach scenes were such a whimsical and fun summer drawing prompt! Beach scenes are such a fan [...]

Memory Jars

These Memory Jars are such a fun way to capture children’s imaginations and preserve their favorite memories!  Literally. Who hasn’t wanted to save time in a bottle?  Well this simple [...]

Personified Owls

This owl painting project from our 5-9 yr. old classes was so adorable with his human-like features.

Pete Cromer Inspired Koalas

Prepared to be overwhelmed by koala cuteness!

April the Giraffe Obsession

Have you been watching the April the Giraffe live web cam, as April gets ready to deliver her fourth calf?   If you are like me, which is to say, someone with a borderline unhealthy [...]

Llama Drawing Project

I’m really not sure how we’ve managed to not do a single llama drawing project in eight years, but this was a first for us! It will certainly not be the last!   When we plan an [...]

Sanna Annukka Folk Art Birds

Our latest obsession

Vintage Camera Illustrations

Contour Drawing Technique

Dala Horse Love

Inspired by traditional Swedish wooden toys

Bee Illustration Art Project

Insects always spark creativity!