Shrinky Dink Dream Catcher + Memory Keeper

Once upon a time in a land far away, before cable TV and video games, when kids had to chase the ice cream man with their Big Wheels - not their parent's SUVs - doting moms were concerned that [...]

Paper Blossoms + Vase Tutorial

School is out and if you're going to stand a chance of having frozen yogurt for breakfast, lunch & dinner all summer, it's time to start buttering up the ol' M-O-M! She'll be putty in your [...]

What Up My Peeps! // Easter Peeps Tutorial

Wouldn't it be fun to have a downy little pet peep perched on your wrist all day, cheering you on during soccer practice and helping you with your homework? These cuddly little springtime [...]

A New Kind of Smiley // Emoji Craft

Statistics show that the daily number of web searches for emoticons is increasing at a staggering rate, causing us to wonder how kids are able to express themselves during the fifteen or twenty [...]

Enchanted Fairy House Tutorial

If the thought of tackling all of your spring home improvement projects is a little too daunting, try scaling down and working in miniature! Recapture the magic of childhood by handcrafting an [...]

Please Don’t Pick the Flowers // Recycled Flowers

Get a jump on your spring flower garden this year with this classic and colorful craft! These funky flowers have a cool retro look, and don't require a green thumb to make! Crafted from [...]

Gimme Some Love // Love Bug Craft

Bug your Valentine in a good way this year! Nothing says “I think I sorta might possibly like you” quite like an irresistible cuddly little bug, made from the heart with gobs of glue & glitter!

Be My Valenswine // Valentine Craft for Kids

Love in the 21st century calls for a healthy dose of unconventional creativity! This Valentine's Day, when everyone else in the class is mindlessly passing out paper heart doilies and candy [...]

Elf on a Shelf Craft Tutorial

Back in the day, it used to be a complete mystery exactly how Santa found out whether you had been naughty or nice. Electronic surveillance? Mandatory parental quarterly reporting?

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