Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC // Highlights

We’ve been buried in watercolor paper, paints, and left-over wire pieces around our art studio this week in our Art Summer Camp in Charlotte, NC. Kids have been having a blast staying cool [...]

Animal Mash-Ups // Oil Pastel Art Project

"Animal Mash-Ups" combine features of two different animals to create an entirely new one!

Cow Inspired Art Lessons

Last week spontaneously turned into "Cow Week" at the studio, inspired by a Russian folk tale called The Giant Turnip.

Tween + Teen Art Class Highlights

See these fabulous masterpieces created in our older 9-14yr. old classes in recent weeks!

Wooden Sculpture Gardens // 3D Art Project

Last week in art camp, the students created these other-worldly sculpture gardens using small pieces of wooden dowels, oil pastel & liquid watercolor. The end result was amazing!

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