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Much like the reindeer, we love to host elf-making workshops every holiday, but I have to say, trying to invent a new elf design every year is no easy task!  I usually have my most creative inspiration when the pressure is on (most of it self-inflicted thanks to being a highly skilled procrastinator!), so we didn’t come up with this brilliant design until literally maybe 24 hours before the workshop was scheduled!  (shhhh…our little secret!!) These Mixed Media Elves were perfect this year!

We had just enough leftover pour spout lids from our neighbors at Switchin’ Kitchens, and loved these little dolls we made a few weeks earlier.  Looking back, I think those pour spouts just wanted to be elves all along!  They sat on our shelves gathering dust for soooo long, just waiting for a little holiday magic and some super creative kids to come along and turn them into elves!

We absolutely loved how these turned out!!  Like so many other things we do here, they were so oddly hideous they were adorable!  They had little wooden beads for elbows & knees, and their sleeves & stockings were made out of paper straws.  Ingenious if I do say so myself!  Their clothes on their bodies were decoupaged on with a little tissue paper & watered down glue.  Their hats and scarves were made out of a few pairs of repurposed children’s holiday tights!  The only pre-assembly we did was their papier mache elf heads and wire arms & legs.  The rest was pure magic.

Enjoy the photos of our Mixed Media Elves below!

Christmas Mixed Media Elves | Holiday Workshop |

Christmas Mixed Media Elves | Holiday Workshop |

Christmas Mixed Media Elves | Holiday Workshop |

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