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Our 5-9 year old classes have been making papier mache penguins and we took them out for a walk on this beautiful sunny day!  Fun times!

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    Hi there, we are a not-for-profit Trust that works to conserve the Little Blue Penguin. We are running an art workshop for children at the Driftwood & Sand Festival in Hokitika, and we are hoping to make a tribe of penguins like yours (but blue) that can travel the streets of Hokitika to raise awareness about the conservation of Little Blue Penguins. Could you give me some advice as to how you constructed yours? Did you have an armature? What did you use to give the general shape? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Kindest regards, Clare – West Coast Blue penguin Truast.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks Clare! We had so much fun with those penguins! They are so easy to make -even little 4 yr. olds can do it! Just wad up a big piece of paper like you’re going to throw it in the trash, gently wrap the wad of paper with a few sheets of aluminum foil and then pinch it towards the top to make the beak. This is the process we use for all of our papier mache with the kids because the aluminum foil is easy to shape and mold and helps act as a barrier for the paper underneath so it dries faster. After that, just papier mache on top (because of the aluminum foil you don’t need a lot of layers, just enough to cover the foil). Let dry & paint. After the bodies were painted, we had them paint an oblong curvy piece of cardboard orange for the feet and we hot glued those on. The feet have to be big enough to give the penguin a solid “base” on which to stand.

      Have fun! Post some pics to our Facebook page – we’d love to see how they turn out!

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    WOW!!! what a great idea…winter is coming!!!!!

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