Melanie Mikecz Inspired Happy Hippos

Inspired by the colorful artwork of Melanie Mikecz!

Upcycled Holiday Reindeer // Holiday Workshop

This might have been our favorite reindeer-making workshop yet. And we've had some real doozies!

Mixed Media Feathers // Art Summer Camp

Students made these stunning mixed media feathers in a recent camp with kraft paper, aluminum foil, paint & collage papers.

Kristy Patterson Inspired Illustrated Book Pages

These beautifully illustrated mixed media vintage book pages were repurposed from an old Louisa May Alcott book!

Upcycled Icicles Tutorial // Studio Decorations

These creative icicle holiday decorations are an easy DIY project that uses card stock scraps and a little paint & glitter!

Happy Mother’s Day // Mother’s Day Art Workshop

This decoupage collage portrait of Mom is the perfect handmade Mother's Day Gift! It's an easy art project for kids of all ages, and she'll cherish it forever!

Topographic Sculpture // Middle School 3D Art Project

These paper sculptures in our 9 - 14 yr. old class were inspired by topographic maps. The final pieces looked so amazing!

je t’aime paris

Springtime in Paris with my {then} seven year old niece. Begging to try escargot ("Aunt Jer, it tastes like dirt!"). Climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. The Eiffel Tower on a blustery [...]