Toddler Sensory Flower Wall

Our toddlers had fun painting this 3D "Fluttery Flower Wall" this morning!

The Crayon Game // Art Game Idea

Here's a fun little indoor game that Miss Katie played while growing up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Egg Carton Foam Painting // Toddler Sensory Art

Kids squeezed shaving cream onto egg cartons, then sprayed with watercolor - such a colorful mess!

Oobleck Sensory Play // Toddler Sensory Art

Cornstarch + water = crazy gooey, crumbly oobleck-y fun! Part art, part science, oobleck is both a liquid and a solid, oozing between your fingers or crumbling like a saltine cracker!

Giant Marble Painting // Preschool Art Project

Here's a super fun, active, & collaborative art project for toddler & preschool age kids: giant marble painting! It's a great way for kids to improve their fine and gross motor skills as well [...]

Shake, Rattle & Roll // Toddler Art Project

This super fun and interactive art project for toddlers and pre-schoolers uses empty oatmeal containers! It's very sensory (loud!!!) - and is great for helping little ones develop their fine [...]

Giant Toddler Sticky Wall // Sensory Toddler Art

For our toddlers this week, we set up a giant "Sticky Face" wall using ordinary household contact paper and a smorgasbord of colorful do-dads that they could stick on the face. Endless [...]

Box Dump Trucks // Toddler Art Project

Try this quick and easy two box dump truck design for your little ones!

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