Wood Sculptures Inspiration

It's amazing what kids can create with a little glue & some wood scraps.

Nutcrackers Craft // Holiday Workshop

Check out these festive nutcrackers our 9-14 yr. olds created in class this week!

Tween + Teen Art Class Highlights

See these fabulous masterpieces created in our older 9-14yr. old classes in recent weeks!

Dasher & Donner // Holiday Reindeer Workshop Tutorial

These whimsical reindeer from our holiday workshops were so spectacular, it literally pained us to let them leave the studio!

Egg Carton Foam Painting // Toddler Sensory Art

Kids squeezed shaving cream onto egg cartons, then sprayed with watercolor - such a colorful mess!

Thankful Mobiles // Thanksgiving Art Camp

We created "Thankful Mobiles" adorned with beautiful drawings in our Thanksgiving Camp!

Upcycled Icicles Tutorial // Studio Decorations

These creative icicle holiday decorations are an easy DIY project that uses card stock scraps and a little paint & glitter!