Mechanical Flying Sculptures

Got an empty box lying around?

Papier Mache BoxTrolls // Art Summer Camp

Students in summer art camp created these unique boxtrolls inspired by the upcoming 3D stop-motion movie, "The Boxtrolls."

Pet Bat // DIY Halloween Craft

Who hasn't dreamed of owning a cuddly little bat as a pet? Thanks to this easy DIY craft made out of a recycled box, kids can create a whole colony without needing a rabies shot or worrying [...]

Giant Marble Painting // Preschool Art Project

Here's a super fun, active, & collaborative art project for toddler & preschool age kids: giant marble painting! It's a great way for kids to improve their fine and gross motor skills as well [...]

Shake, Rattle & Roll // Toddler Art Project

This super fun and interactive art project for toddlers and pre-schoolers uses empty oatmeal containers! It's very sensory (loud!!!) - and is great for helping little ones develop their fine [...]

Box Dump Trucks // Toddler Art Project

Try this quick and easy two box dump truck design for your little ones!

Kookie Creatures // Selwyn Sherrill Inspired Dolls

With this creative project, kids dream up a kookie creature, write a biography about it, design it on paper, construct it out of papier mache, and build a little home for it!

Mix & Match Dolls // Up Cycled Box Dolls

Inspired by the classic mix and match books that we all loved so much as a kid, we dreamt up this three dimensional project and I'm not sure who had more fun with it - us or the kids. In our [...]

Paper Blossoms + Vase Tutorial

School is out and if you're going to stand a chance of having frozen yogurt for breakfast, lunch & dinner all summer, it's time to start buttering up the ol' M-O-M! She'll be putty in your [...]

What Up My Peeps! // Easter Peeps Tutorial

Wouldn't it be fun to have a downy little pet peep perched on your wrist all day, cheering you on during soccer practice and helping you with your homework? These cuddly little springtime [...]

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